In the comarca (area) of Ripoll spring and summer are considered the most agreeable seasons for trekking on mountain routes, mountain-biking, climbing (both in climbing gym of Campdevanol or on natural rocks), horse-riding, bathing in the crystal clear pools of mountain rivers, archery, and the rest of the array of leisure time activities in open air.

Besides, in the third week of September Campdevanol meets a Route of Vandals - a parade accompanied with traditional music, costumes, attributes (e.g. antique pistols) which herald the town’s annual fiesta.

This is the time when all the people of the town as well as guests gather at the concert spots, exhibitions, quizzes and other activities both for adults and kids. Traditionally, chocolate with cookies are served. Finally, at the conclusion of the fiesta - there are folk dances on the main square and flamboyant fireworks.
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